Rwamagana Marathon


These terms and conditions of participation apply to entrants into the annual Malcolm Bown Memorial Rwamagana Marathon, Half Marathon and fun run to be held at Rwamagana, Rwanda, and to volunteers who attend to assist in the organisation of the event. 

You should only register and enter if you have read, understood and agreed with these conditions.



"Event" means the Rwamagana Marathon, Half Marathon and fun run which take place each year in Rwamagana, Rwanda.

"Organisers" means the individuals and companies organising the Event, namely Rwamagana District and Msaada as joint organisers and any member of their respective directors, officers, trustees, staff or any other person (including race officials, medical team and volunteers) appointed by them to assist in the organisation of the Event.

"Participant" means a person who has entered the event.  It also means a person who has volunteered to assist in the organisation and management of the event.



1.   Entries will not be accepted without a signed Registration Form.    

Places are limited and if all places are filled before the closing date the list will close before the deadline.

2.   Participants must be at least 18 years old.

3.   Participants must have fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance (including cover for repatriation).  It should also cover cancellation by you for circumstances beyond your control.  Should you require medical assistance or evacuation not covered by your insurance you accept full responsibility for any costs incurred.

4.   Participants must ensure that they have had the required inoculations within the appropriate timescale before departure. Their doctors can advise what inoculations and tablets are required.

5.   Participants understand that participating in the event carries with it particular risks, such as the possibility of encountering wild animals and those arising from running long distance over rugged terrain.  Dehydration is a particular danger.

6.   This challenge is strenuous and participants need to be healthy and well trained.  By entering Participants declare that they are in good health and that they do not suffer from any condition which might prevent them from safely taking part in the Event.

7.   Participants undertake not to stray from the route, which will be marshalled, or outside any outside designated areas and accept that should they do so it is entirely at their own risk.

8.    Participants accept that the organisers have no responsibility for their health and safety during their stay in Rwanda.  Whilst the organisers will take all reasonable precautions against the risk of accident or injury no liability will attach to the organisers in the event of such.  

9.   Participants accept that they will obey any instructions given to them by the organisers for their own safety.

10. Participants agree to take part in the event at their own risk and accept that the organisers are not liable for any injury (including death) or illness or for any loss or damage to personal property however such injury, illness, loss or damage may be caused.

11. Participants agree for their photograph to be taken and for them to be filmed for TV or otherwise and for such material to be used, without payment, by the organisers as they see fit.

12. If we have to cancel the event the organisers will provide a prompt refund of all monies that have been paid.  Msaada will not make any payments in respect of consequential damages which may arise as a result of the cancellation.

13. An objective of the event is to raise money for Msaada and in particular for the Msaada Cow Project.  To this end Participants are asked to try to raise funds for Msaada.  In the past such fundraising has amounted to donations of between £500 and £6,000. 

14. By signing and submitting the Registration Form, Participants accept the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

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